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People like to think that the opposite of fear is courage, when in fact the opposite of fear is faith. When you have faith to overcome your fears, you realize you had courage all along.” – Unknown

When you believe, you would come to realize that “nothing is impossible”.

A friend was sharing his experience sometime ago and I believe there is a lot we can all learn from it.

He said when he was serving (Youth Corp Service) in Jigawa State (Northern part of Nigeria; desert, limited rain, high humidity, hot Sun and very few water sources), whenever they need water, they have to walk about 500 meters to get the nearest borehole, so often times he buys from Water-hawkers.

On this day he needed water desperately but no water-hawker was passing, so he decided to go and fetch. On his way he saw this lizard looking like it was about to die of dehydration and he thought to himself, “how do this creatures get water in this place”? He thought and thought but he couldn’t come up with an answer then he dropped the thought.

After fetching his water, on his way back some over 400meters away from the borehole, he tripped and his bucket fell spilling all the water. He was so frustrated and annoyed with himself but there was nothing he could do than to go back to the borehole and fetch again. While he was returning from his second trip at that same spot where he tripped, he saw that same lizard drinking from the water he spilt that had now formed a small pool.

“Psalm 147:9 He provides food for the cattle and for the young ravens when they call.”

He said, and he then heard a voice in his head that till today he can never forget, the voice said “that is how I take care of those creatures and if I can do that for them how much more you? “. He said since that day, he takes his mistakes and failures with grateful heart just as he takes his blessings and testimonies, and he always trust in God no matter what.


Lessons I took from his experience :

1. When you make mistake(s), don’t beat yourself up over it. It is always to teach you lessons that you might not get without being an example. But when you make the same mistake continuously then it simply means you have made a choice not to learn.
2. God will always care for His own irrespective of size, position, economic situations or odds. If it takes some to lose so that His owns can gain, God won’t hesitate (Israelites Vs Egyptians).
3. Because you cannot answer a question doesn’t mean the answer does not exist, after all the mysteries of life are such that it reminds us that there is a God whose logic we can’t explain.
4. Some steps are preordained. That’s why the Bible said everything works together for good, for those who serve God. Before you even thought of asking God for something he has already put in motion series of events that will make sure you get your answer. That is why He is awesome.
5. Give thanks at all times, even when it seems it didn’t go according to your plans because the one with the master plan knows better. He who fails to be grateful is already a great fool.

Matthew 6:26 Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?

Dear Sons,

I hope this letter meets you well. I am sure by now you have had lots of unanswered questions, lots of thoughts to ponder over and lots of mysteries the knowledge of book cannot solve. Well, I am here for you but before you get all excited, let me point out to you that I have not come to tell you how to live your life or how to avoid all the problems that comes with living and neither have I come with a one-solution to all life problems however if you are patient to read, you will see life in a whole new clearer perspective.


Sons, life is not easy neither is it fair but life is still what we make it. Whatever life dishes you, remember that doesn’t define you but how you handle it, says a lot about you. If life gives you lemons, boys, make lemonade; if life gives you rock use it to build good shelter; but if life gives you all the good things at first time of asking, my babies please don’t get cocky, invest as much as you can, help people as much as you can and never forget to be thankful as much as you are prayerful.

My Chaps, love is a complex thing. I pray, you both will find a woman that will love you, like a mother loves her child. Movies and Novel will paint love for you in different colours, learn to understand that fiction is different from reality. When wealth comes a million and one ladies will promise heaven on earth, they will throw at your feet the best of behaviours but like the smoke in the can, if you are observant you will see their true colours. You will fall for beauty, your heart will be confused by what your eyes see but boys, never leave your head out, when it comes to making the final choice of whom to marry.

I know I raised you well to have faith in God and in people but you also have to understand that though God will be faithful, people will not always be. My dears, “love all, trust few and wrong none”, as much as practicable. Always try to see the good in everyone, even when people wrong you, your first thought should be, “they must have their reasons”. Don’t be in haste to judge no matter how hurt or excited you get. Know that for every reaction their must have been an action. You will make enemies for sure, it is compulsory if you are on the path of success, but don’t let that give you sleepless nights, it is just natural.

As you must have learned that education will not answer all your questions, that is why I urge you never to stop acquiring knowledge wherever or whichever form it may come. Have mentors, read books, listen when people talk, meditate on everything you have learned and don’t neglect the words of God. I know you both have minds of your own but trust me, it is wise not to neglect the counsel of the elders. You will see people who are better than you, don’t despise them, rather move closer to them and see what you can learn. Even when these people occupy positions lower than yours never be too arrogant to stretch a hand of fellowship, you will be better for it.

Boys, I want you to always remember that when it seems no one is listening, their is always a God who is willing. No matter what tribulations or circumstances or storms life may throw your way never ever question the existence of God. If you read my stories very well you will realize I made my mistakes too but they made me wiser. My loves, you will make yours too, you will learn some lessons the hard way, your mistakes will come with consequences and yes some will make you wish you weren’t born but if you do not forsake God, He will come through for you and turn your mistakes to testimonies.


Finally my angels, know that you have different paths to follow but never forsake one another. Let nothing come between you; not money, not women, not status, not friends, not emotions, not religion, not conviction and not even life. When you are together, like a bunch of brooms you become formidable, difficult to breakdown and a team to reckon with. Love one another more than life and always have one another’s back. I know you have different characters, understand the uniqueness in your individualism, use it to your advantage, complement one another and let there be no cracks on the wall of your brotherhood.

I love you boys, I wish I can be with you forever, I wish I can always be there to set your feet on the right path but life wasn’t meant to be lived forever. I trust you will always make me proud. Love you more than life itself.

Your Dad.


‘Owe nothing to anyone-except for your obligation to love one another….’ Romans 13:8


If you think winning the lottery would solve all your problems, you couldn’t be more wrong! Almost half of those who become overnight millionaires end up bankrupt within a few years. Why? For a variety of reasons: bad business deals, extravagant living, crazy schemes, and fast-talking relatives. And here’s another one-a big one! Believing that they now have the Midas touch and that Lady Luck is on their side, they continue to gamble at an even higher level-and end up losing it all.

Try to understand this: unless you spend less than you earn, no amount of income will ever be enough! So if you’re wise, when you get a salary increase or an unexpected windfall you won’t adopt a more extravagant lifestyle. You’ll reduce your debt before it becomes an albatross around your neck that drowns you. No amount of income will be sufficient if your spending is not brought under control.


The only way to get ahead financially is to deny yourself some of the things you want and save for the future. If you don’t have the discipline to do that, you’ll always be in debt. Now, when the government gets into debt, they simply tax you. But when you get into debt-you’re on your own. That’s not how God wants you to live. True contentment doesn’t come from getting all you want, but by discovering the blessings you have been given and learning to enjoy them.

This should be your goal: ‘Owe no one anything-except for your obligation to love one another.’


Shared by : Fidel Afuda

Reasons You Cannot Be A Failure

We don’t try because we don’t want to fail. We are always looking for that safe haven; a place where we won’t be judged, where we would stay anonymous in case it didn’t work out, a place where we are not the cynosure of all eyes, hmm! Reason you didn’t try out for the football team, reason you didn’t write that book, reason you didn’t act on that great idea, reason you would not talk in class, reason you would not socialize, reason you would not take up that challenging task or job…but the truth is, one might fail,one might be woeful but not trying or quitting is the only thing makes one a failure.


You are probably wondering why I am so convinced you cannot be a failure? Well you will have to read the reasons below and I assure you will find every reason to be a success.

👉 No excuse is enough
No excuse  or combination of excuses are enough to tell the tales of your lack of success. You want to look at those dependent on you and tell them you did not achieve certain heights expected of you because of some washed reasons? I am sure you wouldn’t want to, especially when you realized that you are not the only one exposed to these limitations. If others can surmount worse things why not you?

👉 You have enough tools and people to guide you
You have enough Tools and People to guide and shape your life. In this era of internet and information at your finger tips, you can hardly go wrong (Google is your friend). You also have people who have tried and failed, before becoming a success; their biographies abound, mentorship, motivational write ups, books, research works, consultants… Come on without even trying too hard you are bound to succeed with all these.

👉 The whole world is watching
The world is watching and the world is waiting. Aside from those who are directly dependent on you, most are just on the sidelines waiting to see what will become of you; classmates, colleagues, friends you grew up with, younger ones looking up to you, older ones looking down on you, teachers who are eager to make you a reference point in their lectures and people you hardly see or know who added you on Social Media just to monitor your progress… Oh! now you know, it’s the whole world.

👉 You don’t want to be a failure
You don’t want to be a failure, that I am sure of. Why? You wouldn’t be reading this if you want to be. In reality, no sane person wants to be a symbol of failure, regret and bad example, though rather than this motivating people to succeed it often leads most to the point of not trying. However, the fact remains that no one wants to be a failure. And if that is right of you too, you are sane for sure, and I am sure you are not like those that use it as an excuse not to act. Rather let it be your pivot, pushing you not to give up on what you believe.

👉 To Fail is not an end in itself
To fail is not an end in itself, quitting is. To fail is just one of the series of occurrence between the point of conceiving an idea to the point of achieving success. All that happens in-between include fails, rejection, humiliation, false success, insults etc and it will go on till you succeed. However, if you quit without getting to the success part, then you become a quitter and a failure. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how many times you have failed, if you do not give up, if you are not ashamed to acknowledge the fact that you have failed but you have resolved to keep moving forward , if you are not deterred by the boos from the crowd, if you can look pass the current mountain in front of you…you will eventually reach the success point.



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Dear Reader,

This is a letter you must to read…a must!

Originally posted on POTTERS MAGAZINE:

Dear Creative Soul,

Thanks for the time we have shared together in times past. The laughter. The tears and the successes that came afterwards. I had no doubt we were going places, after all. I particularly love your zest to life. All things bright and beautiful, so you once told me.

However, I think we may be derailing lately. And I’m sure you don’t even notice. We have been falling apart and here are the pieces of us left. I’m summoning the courage to put them together as I write you this letter.

First of all, what happened to our dreams? Yea. Those dreams that lit your eyes in the dark. Those dreams that woke you up at night. What really happened to them? Are they now out of reach? What on earth made you shut the door on them? I bet you forgot that they were merely dreams. They…

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A Blessed Man

Being blessed is an end point that involves some processes. When a man is referred to as blessed; no one is talking about what he went through but what he became “BLESSED”. Being Blessed is not a promise that it will be easy at first, it is not a promise that it will be trouble free from the beginning , it is not a promise that it will be enemies free but one thing is promised “in the end you will be blessed”.

Psalm 1:1-3

How to be come blessed
Blessed is the man that…
1. walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly: To be blessed you must not listen or live your life by the advice of the ungodly. It means you don’t act like them, you don’t envy them, you don’t take actions based on their advice or lifestyle and you don’t see life the way they do.
2. nor standeth in the way of sinners: Sinners are those who know God but have chosen not to abide by His rules. Sinners are everywhere, churches, offices, schools, relaxation centers etc.  To be blessed you must desist from sin, live a life that reflects Christ, keep away from sins and workers of inequities. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide.
3. nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful: Scornful means a feeling, attitude or expression of contempt or of looking down on someone. You must not look down on someone because of their religion, skin colour, status or circumstances. Don’t be a victim of pride, your ego and neither should you be with people who do these things.
4. But his delight is in the law of the LORD: Your joy and happiness should and must be in the laws, the teachings of the Lord. You should be happy to pick your Bible and read, you should be happy to read/listen to preaching, you should not just be in church for the music then sleep during the sermon, you should be as joyful to receive the preaching as you received the music. You should thirst for the word of God, hungry for His presence.
5. and in his law doth he meditate day and night: Finally, you should meditate on all you have read, heard and taught every second of the day. In meditation, you commune with God, He speaks to you, He relates what you have read to situations in your life, giving you breakthrough and beautiful ideas to become blessed.

What it means to be blessed
1. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water: When you are blessed you are located close to all the resources you need to excel, note; not one river but rivers, meaning all the resources you need very close to you. This means you will not lack what you need to become a success. You environment begins to work in your favour. Even when others are competing, you are completing.
2. that bringeth forth his fruit in his season: When you are blessed, you will yield results at the right time, whatever you invest in will bring profits, your kids are excelling, your home is blessed, your family all benefiting from you and you becoming a blessing to others.
3. his leaf also shall not wither: You shall not loose anyone untimely and even your assets will be protected. When people are falling by your right and tens of thousands by your left no evil will come near you and your household.
4. and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper: Prosperity with God goes beyond money, wealth or affluent… Prosperity with God begins with you having eternal life, you being saved and you not missing on the crown in heaven. Which means you will prosper on earth and in heaven. Hallelujah!

This is what God wants you to tap into, it is not about the situation of this country because you do not operate by the economies of the world you operation by the economies of heaven. By the principles of words being spoken and instantly receiving life. That is how my God operates and that is what He is offering you.

Be blessed.


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‘They…limited the Holy One of Israel.’ Psalms 78:41

Researchers conducted an experiment in which frogs were placed in separate glass jars covered with lids to prevent them from escaping. At first the frogs kept jumping, trying to escape, but each time they hit their heads on the lid. After thirty days of doing this, something amazing happened. When the lids were removed from the jars, the frogs never jumped out even though they could easily have done so. Why? Because they had formed a belief system that the top of the jar was as high as they could go-their limiting belief system kept them trapped in the jar!

The Israelites did that too: ‘Again and again they…limited the Holy One of Israel. They did not remember His power…’ (vv. 41-42 NKJV).

Are you holding on to limiting belief systems, even though they are no longer true and are sabotaging your future? ‘I’m too young, too old, I’m a woman, I’m the wrong nationality, I don’t have the education, I don’t have the talent, I don’t have the connections, I failed too badly, etc.’

Fear of success stems from:
1) Fear of not being worthy of success.
2) Fear of being unable to meet the expectations and fulfil the responsibilities that accompany success.
3) Fear of being rejected by those unhappy about your success.
4) Fear of losing control of normal, private life.
5) Fear of saying no to friends and family who feel entitled to control you.

Get rid of your limiting belief systems! Not only will God give you success, He will give you the skill and strength to handle it.

Shared by Fidel Afuda