‘They…limited the Holy One of Israel.’ Psalms 78:41

Researchers conducted an experiment in which frogs were placed in separate glass jars covered with lids to prevent them from escaping. At first the frogs kept jumping, trying to escape, but each time they hit their heads on the lid. After thirty days of doing this, something amazing happened. When the lids were removed from the jars, the frogs never jumped out even though they could easily have done so. Why? Because they had formed a belief system that the top of the jar was as high as they could go-their limiting belief system kept them trapped in the jar!

The Israelites did that too: ‘Again and again they…limited the Holy One of Israel. They did not remember His power…’ (vv. 41-42 NKJV).

Are you holding on to limiting belief systems, even though they are no longer true and are sabotaging your future? ‘I’m too young, too old, I’m a woman, I’m the wrong nationality, I don’t have the education, I don’t have the talent, I don’t have the connections, I failed too badly, etc.’

Fear of success stems from:
1) Fear of not being worthy of success.
2) Fear of being unable to meet the expectations and fulfil the responsibilities that accompany success.
3) Fear of being rejected by those unhappy about your success.
4) Fear of losing control of normal, private life.
5) Fear of saying no to friends and family who feel entitled to control you.

Get rid of your limiting belief systems! Not only will God give you success, He will give you the skill and strength to handle it.

Shared by Fidel Afuda

Stand Out


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This is a Keke Palmer (Akeelah and the bee) song that has so much impact on me.  It talks about self discovery, personality change and people seeing you for who you are and not what they want you to be (acceptability).

If you do not discover yourself, even if someone else does for you,  most likely you won’t understand and appreciate the value you carry. Your first assignment on the road to self actualization is self-discovery, if you can discover yourself, you can actualize your dreams.

“When you discover yourself then you would be yourself, but if you want to be like someone else, the best you can be is second best. It is time you stand out”


Stand Out”

When I see myself in the mirror
Is this really me?
When I take off all my make-up
That’s the person I should be

See, I know once they get to know me
Then they’ll see what I see
I’ll make ‘em all believe the story
And I know that I’m the lead

I’m a bird that’s learning to fly now
I’m getting better everyday
And there’s no taking the time out, yeah
Cause I’ve got too much to change

I’m holding on to what’s real
That’s what matters to me
I’m still searching for me
I’ll search and do anything that I can
I’ve made up my mind
I will take a stand

On this day I’ll finally listen to what’s been calling me
All it takes is letting go of whatever people think of me
This way I’ll stand out and break away to be free
Happiness is what I can’t live without
It’s time to stand out

The Black Dot


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A small town Chamber of Commerce invited a speaker to address it’s annual dinner. The community’s economy was bad, people were discouraged and they wanted the motivational speaker to give them a boost.

During the presentation, the speaker took a large piece of paper and made a small black dot at the center with a marking pen. Then she held the paper up before the group and asked them what they saw.


“I see a black dot,” a person quickly replied.

“Okay, what else do you see?’

Everybody looked and many joined in agreement, “A black dot.”

“That’s good. Do any of you see anything else?” the speaker asked.

After a few minutes of silence, many people in the audience shook their heads and a few answered, “No!”

“What about a sheet of paper?” Asked the speaker. “I’m sure all of you can see the paper, am I right? But you all have chosen to overlook it.’

The audience was stunned and some felt embarrassed.

“In life, we also tend to overlook and take for granted  many wonderful things that we have or memorable events. We spend too much time focusing our attention and energy on small, dot-like failures and disappointments. The so called ‘problems’ that we have are usually like the black dot on the paper. They are small and insignificant if we can widen our horizon and look at the whole picture.”

Examine yourself and how you see things. Are you one of the people who focuses your attention and energy on dot-like problems?


By Amazing Grace-My Chains Are Gone.org

Amazing Grace-My Chains are Gone.org: INSPIRATIONAL STORY (The Black Dot)

Facts About Forgiveness


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‘Be kind…forgiving each other…’ Ephesians 4:32

Here are four things you need to know about forgiveness:

1) Forgiveness doesn’t make what happened to you right; it means you’ve made a decision not to let it control your life. By forgiving and attempting to restore the relationship, you reclaim your peace of mind. If the other person refuses to acknowledge what happened or that it was wrong, the offence can and should still be forgiven. Forgiveness doesn’t depend on the other person; it depends on you.

2) Forgiveness matters, even when the offending party refuses to admit guilt. When you wait for someone to admit he or she was wrong, you’re placing your future in that person’s hands. Forgiveness is first and foremost for your own benefit, not the benefit of others. By forgiving, you’re letting the pain and hurt go and moving forward.


3) Your willingness to forgive can move the other person to seek forgiveness. Perhaps the person who hurt you doesn’t feel they deserve to be forgiven. Or they may know what they did was wrong, but lack the courage to step forward and ask for forgiveness. When you make the first move, it opens the door and allows them to reach out and find mercy and understanding.

4) Forgiveness is easier when you accept that we all need it. When you refuse to forgive because you think someone’s offences are greater than your own, that’s pride. And ‘…God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble’ (1 Peter 5:5 NLT).

The Bible says, ‘Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.’ Once you realise the depth of God’s grace toward you, it’s easier to extend grace to others.

Shared by Fidel Afuda



Life may have bruised my ego, knocked me down couple of times, humiliated me and unjustly condemned me but then I didn’t give up. I know even though my face is thrashed, my ego is damaged and my strength is used up but when I win, my happiness will shine through it all…….Selah

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“We fall down sometimes, but we get right back up again because the ground is no place for a champion.”– Jesse Jackson

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Break Out!


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Break Out!

Life has a way of containing us but we all dream big
Every second of everyday a dream dies but why?
Sometime there is a wall standing between us and our destiny
But our walls can break


The first place we give up,  is in our own mind
There is power in breaking free from our own limitations, our barriers
It is easy to come up with excuses, 
Reasons we can’t accomplish dreams that are deep inside us


But we are all made for something great
we can move forward
Don’t let life contain you,
Break Out!


By Joel Osteen


The 21 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Money by Brian Tracy (Summary)

Laws are made for man to guide and save him from consequences of acting ignorantly. However, with laws, ” I-don’t-know” doesn’t really make the consequences less agonizing,  this is why knowledge is power and priceless.

Today I want to empower you with this priceless piece, I hope it will impact on your thinking and prep you for the task ahead. It is going to be a beautiful ride through the year and more beautiful are things ahead.

The 21 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Money by Brian Tracy (Summary)

1. The Law of Cause and Effect: Everything happens for a reason; there is a cause for every effect.

2. The Law of Belief: Whatever you truly believe, with feeling, becomes your reality.

3. The Law of Expectations: Whatever you expect, with confidence, becomes your own self-fulfilling prophecy.

4. The Law of Attraction: You are a living magnet; you invariably attract into your life the people, situations and circumstances that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts.

5. The Law of Correspondence: Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world and corresponds with your dominant patterns of thinking.

6. The Law of Abundance: We live in an abundant universe in which there is sufficient money for all who really want it and are willing obey the laws governing its acquisition.

7. The Law of Exchange: Money is the medium through which people exchange their labor in the production of goods and services for the goods and services of others.

8. The Law of Capital: Your most valuable asset, in terms of cash flow, is your physical and mental capital, your earning ability.

9. The Law of Time Perspective: The most successful people in any society are those who take the longest time period into consideration when making their day-to-day decisions.

10. The Law of Saving: Financial freedom comes to the person who saves ten percent or more of his income throughout his lifetime.


11. The Law of Conservation: Its not how much you make, but how much you keep, that determines your financial future.

12. Parkinson’s Law: Expenses rise to meet income.

13. The Law of Three: There are three legs to the stool of financial freedom: savings, insurance and investment.

14. The Law of Investing: Investigate before you invest.

15. The Law of Compound Interest: Investing your money carefully and allowing it to grow at compound interest will eventually make you rich.

16. The Law of Accumulation: Every great financial achievement is an accumulation of hundreds of small efforts and sacrifices that no one ever sees or appreciates.

17. The Law of Magnetism: The more money you save and accumulate, the more money you attract into your life.

18. The Law of Accelerating Acceleration: The faster you move toward financial freedom, the faster it moves toward you.

19. The Law of the Stock Market: The value of a stock is the total anticipated cash flow from the stock discounted to the present day.

20. The Law of Real Estate: The value of a piece of Real Estate is the future earning power of that particular piece of property.

21. The Law of the Internet: The Internet is a tool for rapid communication of information of all kinds.

Life has a lot hidden that knowledge unlocks, knowing means you won’t learn from your own mistakes. Open your mind, pick-up as much as you can and use it to build the person you want to be.

Funny But True

Something to lighten up your mood at same time change how you see some things. Enjoy…. (In Nigeria’s local English)

1. I have been using my only car for over 7 years…
Bros no be testimony o or sign of good maintenance culture. Na lack of progress, deliverance is not a bad idea.

2. I used to be wealthy…
Uncle that one no be bragging right, Pray before you start begging for crumbs from those you used to give bread. I used to guarantees no respect.

3. If not what happened, me and you are not mates…
Well, it has happened, try to get yourself back up before you realize that baba gateman is not a sign of respect but ridicule.

4. I am still young, i can’t stress myself…
You better stress yourself while you are still young than to end up stressing your bald head with blocks at the site of someone young enough to be your grandchild.

5. I am beautiful, i can get all i want…
Yes o, miss Kim, remember beauty fades with age. What will happen when everything fades away? Chai! then you will know the meaning of “a life well spent”.
6. Yahoo na work no be thief, at least i no carry gun…
Sure you no use gun but when life catches up with you, you go wish say you use gun. Don’t worry if you escape all the authorities on earth be sure you can’t escape nemesis.

7. I like married men, they understand me better…
No wahala but know that when you eventually get married your husband too will be understanding young girls outside. And then when you are crying to God for assistance, the cries of the women you destroyed their homes will speak against you. No be curse Sis, enjoy it while it lasts.

8. Ijebu Gari doesn’t need sugar, i am okay with one room face-me-i-slap-you, i am okay with ponmo who needs turkey…
Daddy all these are not signs of contentment o, they are evidences of poverty with capital P! Cast, bind and work harder. God can set you free.

9. This is who I am, whoever loves me would accept me the way I am…
Well, that’s valid till you realize you are 35 and still single. Babe, after 35yrs of age, you go know say crayfish wey bend no craze, na compromise make am and to make head way in life you too have to be ready to give up some of attitude.

10. I won’t marry till I am made…
Bros, I pray you don’t wait till you are 50yrs, or else you will probably retire before your first born finishes secondary school and you end up using your pension to finance University education. Most times, you need a partner to find a strong foot.

If this made you laugh and taught you a thing or two,  then share it after all you don’t want to be a fish seller (selfish).


Some Things Take Time


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Healing takes time, change takes time and miracle is a process. We often are in so much hurry that we miss the good all together. We want a decadence and pain of many years reversed in a moment but too often things don’t work like that.

A lady shared her experience and I think it is relevant to my motivational words for you today. She said one day she was rushing home from work apparently to fix dinner. As she swung the door, it smashed into her little boy’s face and the boy in agonizing pain burst into tears.  She apologized but the boy won’t stop screaming then she got angry and demanded the boy stop crying at once after all what was he doing behind the door and moreover she had apologized. Then the boy replied, “mum because you said sorry doesn’t make it less painful and because I was wrong standing behind the door doesn’t make it right for you to swing the door so hard without caution. I know you are sorry and I understand but some things take time” At the point the mother just stood up, dumbfounded, remorseful and truly sorry,  and she hugged her little boy so tight.


Too often we expect our being sorry to heal the broken heart, the physical hurt, the broken promises, the betrayal, the lack of trust, the lack of understanding, the taking for granted and so on but in reality being sorry doesn’t make it less painful. Healing takes time so also mending of broken fences and rebuilding of life. A wrong of many years can’t be fixed by the snapping of fingers just because we have realized the things we have done wrong. Change takes time.

When we pick up our lives and hand it over to God, things definitely change for the better but most people expect magic rather than miracle. It is true you have repented, changed your ways but that doesn’t make things you did in your past right and because you didn’t know what you were doing then doesn’t make them less evil. Yes, all things have become new but healing takes time.

I want you to take a break, stop trying too hard, let the process run its course. I understand your life needs to be at the next level but it is neither something you can rush. Your life is like the little boy, it is hurt and you, like the woman, are trying to make things right but then like the little boy needs time to get over the pain,  your life needs time to fall back on the right track and for this to happen,  you need to embrace your life and give it time to heal.  So also in dealing with people you have hurt, you need to give them time to rehabilitate.

Remember, great things take time, the question is, “Are you ready to wait?”


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